Humorous Christmas

First of all I would like to thank Prof. Straub for this funny picture which inspired me to write this post.

Secondly I hope you all enjoy your Christmas vacations as I do here in Plau am See. It will take me an hour to upload this post thanks to the great internet connection here in the north east of Germany. But I also claim that Plau am See is the only place in "East Germany" without broadband internet connection. So obviously it is no general problem of "East Germany" (@Fabi ;-).

Nevertheless I'm sure that you'll all get FUNNY gifts today. I want to emphasize the word funny in this prediction. HUMOR surely is one of the greatest gifts nowadays. And the greatest thing is that HUMOR won't devalue.

And I will tell you the reason why there will be no devaluation of HUMOR.

I found this definition of devaluation on (I know that we should not always trust in wikipedia, but it stays very useful @my teachers): "Devaluation is a reduction in value"... hmm but where does the VALUE of humor come from? I affirm that humor does not really have a VALUE in itself. Humor is humorous because funny people want to tell you a funny story. So there is a funny action that lies behind the action of giving a funny present to somebody. That's why you can't speculate in HUMOR. And if people can't speculate in HUMOR there won't be a DEVALUATION of HUMOR.

Please let me draw the conclusion, that the greatest present is HUMOR. So please give HUMOR to other people nowadays. Let's fight sadness on Christmas Eve!!! Just look at the picture on the top!


Merry Christmas and best wishes!!!


Yours truly,








The baby parade...

Good morning everybody,


I'm writing to you in order to anounce the most beautiful blog entry I've ever written. After discussing one of my baby photos with Prof. Straub in class, we decided to start a little competition. The question is "Who was the cutest baby?".

I need your help to answer this very severe question. First of all you have to send me your baby pictures. I'll imediately post them here - without any name, since we would like to have a neutral and representative result. Then we are going to conduct a poll.

After some days we'll finally know who won the baby parade...

Let the Games begin!!!

Hello guys,


I've now uploaded all pictures you've sent me so far. Let's now start the poll. Now everybody can vote here. I've decided that the polling spot stays open untill 27th February 2009.

I hope more than two weeks are sufficient to get some votings done.

Each picture has got a number. Click on the images to get the right number and post your vote as a comment at the bottom of this page.


Thanks and good night!


Kind regards,








Dali, the messias lives on forever...

Since I promissed this post to Marlene I will now write a few sentences about Salvador Dali.

Dali for sure is one of my favourite artists and I would like to emphasize that he is an artist not only a painter. Following I will explain this opinion to you.

Actually the first masterpiece of Salvador Dali that impressed me a lot wasn't a painting. It was a dog! Do you know which masterpiece I'm talking about? It is "Le chien andalou", one of the greatest movies I ever saw. Moreover the history of that movie is quite interesting.

Once upon a time Salvador Dali described a crazy dream he

had had to his friend Luis Buñuel who was going to become a famous movie director at this time. Both decided to make a movie about that dream which was also inspired by another thing Luis Buñuel had dreamt of some weeks ago.

This movie is a milestone in the motion picture history. Dali tried to make a movie by avoiding any logical relation between the different sequences. The goal was not to have any logical connection within that movie. Both Buñuel and Dali wanted to stimulate the subconsciousness of human beings by showing the most surrealistic thing that humans have in their mind - DREAMS.

Maybe it would be great to watch out that movie in class.

Bruce, what do you think?






The sugar-engine...

"That's where the magic happens..."
"That's where the magic happens..."

This weekend I went to Rostock in order to observe a great spectacle. My brother Michael got his diploma and I went to the colloquium where he defended his thesis. It was an amazing moment for me since I was so proud of my brother. That really was a great birthday present for me...

I was so excited that I couldn't overcome the temptation to ask my brother a serious question during the colloquium. He answered my question very well but afterwards he almost killed me ;-)

I would like to use this opportunity to mention the outstanding subject of my brother's thesis.

Actually he experimented with a bacteria which tranforms "sugar" into third generation biofuel. Isn't that amazing?

Now, let'ts look at some pictures!


Once again congratulations to my brother!!!